Bed & Breakfast Unusual

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Bed & Breakfast Unusual

Head off the beaten track and choose an unusual lodging during your bed and breakfast break with Samedi Midi.

Embark on a bohemian adventure in a gypsy caravan, reach for the heights in a tree-house, be rocked to sleep in a barge or houseboat, experience the wheel of fortune in a mill, leap to the Far West in a tipi, explore the mongolian steppes in a yurt or stay in an unusual place: a sunflower house, an abbey or, why not, a troglodyte house!

For all those who feel like a change and want to try something different, we reccommend an unusual night in bed and breafast. A touch of fantasy, an ounce of craziness, a pinch of incongruity: this is the ideal cocktail for an original holiday! For you to choose!

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