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Bed and Breakfast C魌es d'Armor

Bed and Breakfast C魌es d'Armor 3.3 sur 5 - 17 関aluations
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Selection of the month : C魌es d'Armor

  • Chambres d'h么tes PLOUBALAY
  • Chambres d'h么tes SAINT SAMSON SUR RANCE
    Saint Samson Sur Rance
  • Chambres d'h么tes PLOUMILLIAU
  • Chambres d'h么tes PLEUDANIEL
  • Chambres d'h么tes PL蒒EUF VAL-ANDR
    Pléneuf Val-andré
  • Chambres d'h么tes SAINT-CAST

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Samedi Midi (bed and breakfast guidebooks), has selected for you 19 bed and breakfasts in C魌es d'Armor and near C魌es d'Armor. Discover these different areas by staying in a bed and breakfast, using the addresses of charming places to stay in C魌es d'Armor chosen by Samedi Midi. Guests’ comments will allow you to decide which address suits you best. And share your opinion too ! Book directly and easily with owners of guest houses in C魌es d'Armor. Enjoy a night in a home from home and the warm welcome of our owners. Tradition has its place in B&B : discover local french products during your table d’hote guest meal. Book online or by phone your bed and breakfast in C魌es d'Armor with Samedi Midi now !
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Bed and Breakfast PL蒒EUF VAL-ANDR : Villa Marguerite
Bed and Breakfast TR蒅ON SAINT JACUT DE LA MER : Les Balcons de la Baie
Bed and Breakfast SQUIFFIEC : Manoir de Kercadic
Bed and Breakfast PLOUBALAY : Le Clos Saint-Cadreuc
Bed and Breakfast PAIMPOL : Pondervann
Bed and Breakfast PONTRIEUX : Les Korrigann'鑣
Bed and Breakfast SAINT-ALBAN : Les Notifanes
Bed and Breakfast PLERIN : House Martin
Bed and Breakfast PLOUBEZRE : Manoir de Kergu閞閛n
Bed and Breakfast SAINT-JUVAT : Les Effourneaux

Bed and Breakfast in the C魌es d'Armor

Visit Saint-Brieuc, Dinan and Guingamp during your holiday in the C魌es d'Armor. Here the granite lighthouses and beacons the length of the vast coast alternate with small coves with limpid water and wide, sandy beaches. Heaven for fishermen, bathers and ramblers alike! Visit Dinan with its wooden houses, Lannion with its tall Br閘関enez church or Lamballe, famous for its craft shops. Sample the delicious seafood such as the Saint-Brieuc Bay scallops or the Paimpol oysters. Relax in your Bed and Breakfast in the C魌es d'Armor and enjoy the peace and quiet of this area combined with the healthy sea air! Most of our Bed and Breakfast addresses are approved by the four official networks (G顃es de France, Fleurs de Soleil, Cl関acances, Accueil Paysan) or by the Tourist Board.

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Traditional crafts C魌es d'Armor

Bed and breakfast and megaliths

They feed legends, visits and trips to breton bed and breakfast卪egaliths, these historic stone giants which reign over the plains and the moors of wind-swept Brittany.

Bed and breakfast in Dinan

Under the protection of the celtic goddess Anna, Dinan welcomes visitors to its medieval ramparts for a bed and breakfast break under the auspices of history.

Bed and breakfast around the Rad鬽e telecommunications museum of Pleumeur Bodou

When staying on the C魌e de Granit Rose, the beauty of its landscapes and the magic atmosphere which reigns in its bed and breakfasts are the primary attraction, but ...

Bed and breakfast and breton winds

If the owner of your guest house is a true breton, then he抣l speak of nothing but the wind !

Bed and breakfast in Lannion

Lannion with its little Thursday market, its devilish festnoz (night festivals), its old town dotted with charming bed and breakfast...

Breton andouille and bed and breakfast

At guest dinner tables in Brittany, there抯 often a battle between the virtues of the 慳ndouille de Gu閙閚閽 and its norman rival from Vire !

Bed and breakfast in Brittany and seafood

Brittany, land of pirate legends and trials and tribulations of fishermen stories of a region which lives to the rhythm of the tides, told between two glasses of chouchen during bed and breakfast evenings

Bed and breakfast and breton cider

Doux Eveque, Chevalier, B閚閐iction de Sainte-Anne卬ames of bed and breakfast in Brittany ? Not at all ! Rather names of apples in the orchards of the cider museum in Pleudihen sur Rance.

Bed and breakfast in the Saint Brieuc Bay and coquilles Saint Jacques

If today a dish of coquilles Saint Jacques, or scallops, is a must during your bed and breakfast guest meal in Brittany, in particular around Saint-Brieuc, this has not always been the case.

Bed and breakfast and sweet pancakes

During your dinner in bed and breakfast in Brittany, you抣l notice that the breton buckwheat pancake is always followed by a sweet wheat pancake : the cr阷e or krampouezh douz.

Bed and breakfast in Brittany and embroidery

The variety of bed and breakfast and families and small breton regions is equalled only by that of the different embroidery decorating the regional costumes.

Bed and breakfast in Brittany and wind turbines

In Brittany, the fields of wild asparagus and artichokes which grow beyond the wooden fences of breton guest houses, go hand in hand with fields of wind turbines, a playground for the strong breton winds.

Bed and breakfast in Brittany and Guy Cotten oilskins

If the owners of breton bed and breakfast are great ambassadors for their region, they are rivalled by the famous yellow oilskin jackets of Concarneau, figurehead of a region that lives by the water.

Bed and breakfast in Brittany on the linen route

In bed and breakfast on the linen route (Morlaix and Lannion country), start with a stopover in Saint Th閘o, prosperous town which now houses the Maison des Toiles.